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2-136, The-K Twin Towers B

50 Jongno1Gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul

South Korea

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  • Digital Transform A.I Framework

  • Predictive IoT SPACE 4.0 Framework 

  • Big Data Insight Management Framework 

  • UX/UI Framework 

  • New Business Development 

  • Next Product/Service Planning

  • Strategic Market Positioning

  • Inbound/Outbound Market Agency

  • Network Sales & Partnership

  • Business Expert Incubation



  • Strategy to step in IoT Market

  • Smart Factory Energy business  with  The Energy Audit, ITALY

  • Next Store Space Business plan benchmarked Tsutaya,  JAPAN

  • Strategy Prediction business model based Industry 4.0  benchmarked Predix, GE

  • IoT package Production and Distribution on MRO

  • Strategy Video Commerce with BrightCove, USA

  • Digital Transform A.I Partner

  • SPACE 4.0 Business Partner

  • Blockchain ICO Partner

  • UX/UI Partner

  • Global Network Partner

  • HR Service Partner

  • Technical Support Partner