Digital Transform & Next Business Consulting

- Smart Factory & IoT Business Planning & Strategy for SAP company

- Space 4.0 digital store consulting for Kyobo bookstore and Shinhan Card 

- Building IoT Business Consulting for LS Industry

- Carbon Emission Management IoT Technical Advice for FACT

- Next Generation Internal Communication Framework with HP

- Virtual Reality Entertainment Space Business consulting for TYSON in Vietnam

- Smart EV OS and Service Platform Road map consulting for Mohenic Motors 

- Bike Sharing IoT market consulting for global consulting firm in China

- Big Data platform consulting for International Catholic Hospital  

- A.I and Big Data base R&D support platform consulting for National Medical Center

- Digital Transform Consulting with Google, Microsoft, Naver

Next Generation Product Commercialization

- Production of next generation product based on Big-data for No.1 Personal Information Security company in Korea.

- Field Real-time Movable CCTV(Self-Stand/Handheld Type) 

- Geo Fence based Safety Guard for open space

- Self Check-in POS for smart store

- Chat-bot based customer care & marketing service  

Strategic Customer Acquisition

- Strategic customer acquisition in finance industry for next generation product.

Inbound market survey and group A customer acquisition for Global No.1 OVP company.   

- Supporting global partner partipated in Korea government program, K-Startup Global  to setup Korea branch and to develope domestic and asia market.   

- Telecom, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Construction, Distribution, Automation, Manufacturing, Space Business    

Consulting & Tehnical Service Delivery 

- Industry 4.0 & Next Generation Business Road map advising and Consulting

- Analyze for business process, organization activities   

- Bespoke Digital Transform design based on IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile, A.I, Block Chain


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